Endeavr is a San Diego based media and web services business founded by Jason Loftis (jLOFT). Jason is a UI/UX Designer + Web Developer with Audacity, a healthcare + life science marketing and advertising agency. Thus, he is selective about taking on Endeavr clients. The fit has to be right. If you are interested, contact Jason and share your project’s mission with him.

Meet jLOFT.

Jason has been designing and developing websites since 1996. What started as a hobby at the dawn of the “consumer interwebs,” eventually became his full-time passion by 2008. It’s Jason’s philosophy to handcraft unique Visuals + Websites that excel in both form & function. Jason enjoys helping small businesses form online marketing strategies. And you’ll get answers to your questions about SEO, Twitter, and other web trends without unnecessary tech talk. In the end, you will be empowered with the knowledge and tools to maintain the web presence we build together. Armed with seminary training and 15 years of ministry experience, Jason understand the unique needs of Churches, Mission Agencies, and Non-Profits. Unleash his unique skill-set on your project, and he’ll deliver creative solutions while keeping an eye on cost. Stewardship matters, so Jason arms himself with research and stays current on the best values in communication technology. He aims for the sweet spot where quality AND affordability converge.

What’s This New Endeavr?

Endeavr is a media and web services business that funnels all of Jason’s knowledge and expertise into products that strike a balance between individuality and standardization. Rather than designing and developing completely custom websites for each new client, Endeavr draws from its catalog of proven web solutions to piece together a unique web presence that meets the client’s needs. By utilizing a common framework as the foundation and developing reusable modules, Endeavr may better serve its clients long term. No longer will projects be “one-off” sites whose code starts aging the moment it launches. Web technology is moving fast and security is an increasing concern, so it’s not feasible to take a “set it and forget it” approach to web development. Like anything that’s neglected, a website without a maintenance plan and a clear upgrade path will eventually fall into disrepair. It’s time to embrace a website as an investment that’s better to lease than own. Endeavr offers “software as a service” (SaaS) products. Clients pay a reasonable up front fee for setup, design, and any add-ons, and then they start a monthly subscription that covers premium web hosting, technical maintenance, customer support, and R&D. It’s an important feature of this business model that client subscriptions help fund ongoing enhancement of the Endeavr framework and its modules. It is a dynamic product that continues to improve as more and more users experience it and put it through its paces.

Mobilize Your Mission.

The present reality is that more than 50% of web browsing takes place on mobile devices. Numerous people today use their smartphone or tablet as their primary connection to the web. It’s imperative that your personal, business, or non-profit website is ready to receive mobile visitors. Endeavr delivers responsive websites that adapt to the user’s browser & device type. Bring your mission online with our mobile-ready platform.